Please compile your abstract according to the following scheme.  

Please use Calibri font for typing the abstract. MS word files (.doc, or .docx) are preferred.  

Title: Max 250 characters, Font size 14  

Author list: Underline the name of the person presenting the poster. Font size 12  

Affiliation: Use numbers in case of multiple affiliation (e.g. Tian Hua1,2)  

Abstract: Max 250 words. Font size 12. Please use Justify option in the paragraph menu.  

References: If you need to include references, please use numbers inside squared brackets to include the references (e.g [1], [2,3],[4-7]). Font size 10.  

Pictures: You can add one picture if necessary (please include it in png format). 


Poster Size: 90cm(W)*120cm(H)  

The deadline for abstract submission is October 20th    Download