Chris de Graaf

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Chris de Graaf performed his Ph.D. research at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on computational ligand binding mode and affinity predictions in cytochrome P450 enzymes (2002-2006). As postdoctoral fellow in the Structural Chemogenomics group (Dr. Rognan) at Université de Strasbourg, he worked in collaboration with AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals on the development and application of novel G protein-coupled receptor modeling techniques (2006−2008). In 2009, Chris de Graaf obtained an NWO Veni grant to develop a research line in the computational prediction of structural protein−ligand interactions and was appointed assistant professor in the Division Medicinal Chemistry at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In this interdisciplinary research environment, Dr. De Graaf is developing chemo/bioinformatics methods to complement synthetic medicinal chemistry, molecular pharmacology, and structural biology studies, including e-science technologies for structure-based polypharmacology prediction (