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Since 2013, the Annual Shanghai GPCR Forum has been a wonderful platform for academic and industrial representatives from leading institutions and pharmaceuticals worldwide to share cutting-edge sciences of GPCR research as well as explore huge opportunity in advancing the mutual collaborations.  This year, the Forum will be held in the brand new campus of ShanghaiTech University, a rising hub of scientific research of excellence in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech area.  While following its successful tradition, the new iHUMAN FORUM 2016 aims to focus on a more broad and exciting theme: Imaging Across the Scales and a joint session with the Canadian Institute For Advanced Research (CIFAR).

It has been more than 10 years since the map of the complete human genome was achieved, and since then, we have seen dramatic increases in the amount of structural and imaging data we have regarding the human body.  By integrating molecular, cellular and organ imaging together, we can understand how all the parts work together to make us who we are.  One of our dreams is to see routine and robust whole body imaging occur at the atomic resolution to detect diseases before it is too late to treat with medicines.

At the iHuman Forum 2016, a variety of imaging technologies and their applications will be presented and discussed, including crystallography, NMR, EPR, EM, super-resolution imaging. MRI.  In addition, industry experts will share valuable experience on in-house R&D and student talks and poster session will play a key role in educating and helping the next generation of scientists.

We hope you enjoy the great scientific discussions, the formation of new friendships and collaborations, and the wonderful experience of learning and discovery!

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